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How we’re making a

Our Goals

Patron Program

Benefit Packages

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Corporate Partners

Biscoe Wal-Mart

Carolina Fried Chicken

Burgess Towing

Little Village Restaurant 

First Bank

William Lee Bell M.D

Many thanks to all the Grant organizations, businesses, churches, civic organizations and individuals that have supported the initial phases of this project.

If you are interested in being a Corporate Partner email us at:  or speak to any current board member.

Our Mission

To entertain, educate, and enrich
the community through the cultural arts.

Our Purpose

The activities of this foundation will be to raise funds to renovate the Village Theater located at 161 East Salisbury Street, Robbins, NC. All funds or net earnings of the corporation shall be used to purchase the building, renovations, perpetual care, maintenance, and operation for the Robbins Village Theater as stated in Section 2 Article VI of the By Laws and no part of the corporation’s net earning shall inure to the benefit of any of the corporation’s officers, directors or members, or any other private individual.

How you can help?

All Donations Welcomed $10, $20, $50, or $100




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In memory of Laura Ann Brady given by:  

Central Chapter of NC society Of Accounts
Carl and Laura Younts
High Falls UMC
Julia and Tracy Williamson
Jean McSwain

If you would like to donate in honor or memory of someone please include the information in an email and donate through pay pal or send a check to the address on the donor page.  If you provide an address, a note of appreciation will be sent to the honoree or memorial recipients Family. 501(c) 3#27-306506

Where the donations have been used & What’s been done!

·  Purchased theater located at  161 Salisbury Street, Post Office Box 1202, Robbins, NC 27325

·  Established a 501 C 3 Corporation and was approved by IRS effective July 8, 2010, the Employer Identification number and designation was granted August 20, 2010.  Purpose To establish a Cultural Arts Center.

· Purchased the theater building from David Cheek on October 19, 2010.  Cost $85,000

·  Paid for by $75,000 from the town’s NCSTEP fund and a private donation. 

· Clean-up and hauling away debris to be able to use the lobby for Trick or Treat. 

·  Small Town Main Street Program through the State Department of Commerce headed by Robert Murphrey helped in the initial phases of this purchase and restoration.

·  Website set up and documentary in October 2011. 

·  As-built plans were drawn and computer drawings of the renovation project.  During this process in 2012 we learned to meet code for bathrooms etc we would lose most of the historical features of the theater.  We purchased the adjacent barbershop building at 141 East Salisbury Street for $45,000.  The top floor had been built for the Masonic Hall.  This allowed the bathrooms to be planned for this building. 

·  New Roof on both buildings.  Gutters installed. Mansard Roof removed from the front of the theater building. 

·  Fan openings in the theater closed with bricks. 

·  Workdays resulted in many changes.  The ceiling tiles were removed from the theater and barbershop.  The plaster over the brick walls was removed on both levels of the barbershop.  A new beam was installed over the stage which was needed to support the roof. 

·  Repairs to the stage

·  August 2017 awnings installed over upper windows

·  Beams replace in the lobby and proper supports installed.  2018

To entertain, educate, and enrich 
the community through the cultural arts.
Robbins Village Theater
P.O. Box 1202
Robbins, NC 27325