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History Of Robbins Village Theater Community Center

The Village Theater was built in 1946, when the Hemp Theater at the Robbins Cloth Mill was torn down and the brick from the Hemp Theater was used to build the Village. The Benner Family owned the Village until 1955 when it was purchased by O. Worthy Brown. Mr. Brown had also opened the Dixie Theater in Robbins in 1950. He operated both theaters in Robbins, with the Dixie closing its doors first and the Village closed in 1971. The Village was purchased by David Cheek and Bobby Howard as a carpet retail store. In the millennium, David changed the shop to a guns, knives, and collectibles store. We are now in the process of revitalizing The Village Theater as a Community center as well. This facility will provide a much needed space for gatherings and artistic pursuits for all people of the community. The Village Theater was a major attraction in the community in years past. The return of this building to house a cultural arts center and meeting place will provide enrichment for all phases of the general public by providing a venue for plays, movies, art exhibits, dance recitals, concerts, musical performances, and featured speakers.

Founding Board Members

Teresa Brady Thomas

Theron Bell

Jean McSwain

Laura A. Brady

Summer Mack

John Chappell

George Hayfield

Clarkie Hussey

Jimmy Garner

Tiffanie Garner

William McDuffie

To entertain, educate, and enrich 
the community through the cultural arts.
Robbins Village Theater
P.O. Box 1202
Robbins, NC 27325