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Proposed uses of community center


After school programs (life skills classes, tutoring, other) Prom events, Class events, Teaching Seminars, Fundraisers

Job Fairs, Military Recruitment, Guest Speakers

Plays, Musicals, Dinner theater, Art shows, Pottery festival, Art Classes, Dance Recitals, Children Theater, Films

Auctions, Family Reunions, Town and library events, Concerts, Job fair, Health screens, Blood drives, Gun shows, fundraiser/benefit venues, rotary and other civic group banquets

How you can help?



Funds needed to complete Phase 2
The Project has four phases:
Phase 1 – $85,000- Completed!
Purchase price of building & property
Phase 2 – $397,000 Renovations to painting, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, structural, projection system & donated seats to serve 100 patrons
Phase 3 – $200,000 Theater lighting, sound system, + seating for 100 
Phase 4 – $150,000 Enhanced lobby, meeting / reception room, balcony seating for 75 patrons and marque.
To entertain, educate, and enrich 
the community through the cultural arts.
Robbins Village Theater
P.O. Box 1202
Robbins, NC 27325
Site built and maintained by: i2MP